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  • Crossfit Posse, Utah
  • Crossfit Posse, Utah
  • Crossfit Posse, Utah

one of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did.


Each and everyone of you are important to us and we want to see you excel. Next week we will be offering a new program that is free of charge to all CrossFit Posse Members One-on-One session with our head coach Ryan, to tackle areas where you feel like you’d like to improve. Improving your fitness is a slow process. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.  Improving efficiency in movements like squats, snatches and pull-ups, take time, as does improving your mobility, endurance, speed and your power. Starting next week we will have a sign up sheet to schedule your One-on-One  session times and spaces will be limited.

Get your tickets to Southwest Regionals Tomorrow

How awesome is it that the Southwest Regionals will be held @ the Olympic Oval Read More

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